More About Me

Sales Associate

As a Realtor® at Kinlin Grover, I work hand in hand with clients to command the best home prices possible. Whether buying or selling, my aim is always to provide a smooth and seamless process for all.

To each and every real estate transaction I oversee, I bring a lifetime of experience.

Great communicator

As a former biomedical researcher and environmental planner, I educated scientists on the newest protocol and taught the general public about how they can help protect the environment. As a researcher and planner, I needed to be precise and accurate as well as an effective communicator--skills I now use to help walk clients through the home buying and selling process.

Understands the value of patience and persistence

I moved to Falmouth in 2012, and rented for a year before buying  my home. My Realtor, who not only became a great friend but the inspiration for my current career in real estate, took my family to see more than 20 homes. Her patience, persistence and knowledge of the area as well as the real estate field left an indelible impression on me ... my goal is to provide the same level of service to my own real estate clients.

Offer a local perspective

Having resided in Falmouth since 2012, I know the Upper Cape community like the back of my hand. I have firsthand experience with the school system, have hired local businesses, visited local restaurants and beaches and enjoyed many of the area’s recreational opportunities, like yoga classes, tennis and biking trails--but most of all, I have made a life and countless memories with my family here. I love the Upper Cape and the opportunity to introduce you to the neighborhood.